Optimal Intelligence offers a full range of investigative services. We will collaborate with you to determine what services will best support your efforts in defense of your client.
We understand that your client is “innocent until proven guilty” and are committed to supporting your client’s constitutional right to a rigorous defense regardless of current charges or past convictions. It is our mission to provide the highest caliber of investigative support possible for your defense.
We conduct each investigation with a focus on uncovering evidence to counter each element contained in the prosecutorial charges against your client. We will find evidence that was omitted, not searched for or not considered.
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Depending upon your needs, we can

  • Review all prosecutorial investigation to date;

  • Evaluate physical evidence and witness statements;

  • Conduct independent interviews of prosecutorial witnesses;

  • Identify, locate and interview additional defense witnesses;

  • Document scenes with photographs and/or sketching using established techniques of crime scene investigation;

  • Serve subpoenas;

  • Dust and lift viable latent prints;

  • Cast shoe and tire impressions;

  • Create and/or prepare exhibits for trial.

Please contact Optimal Intelligence today to learn how we can meet your needs for an aggressive, thorough and creative criminal defense investigation.