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SIU Division:

Jonathan Robinson has been appointed to the Director of Optimal Intelligence's SIU Division. Mr. Robinson holds a BS in Business Administration from Notre Dame de Namure University. Upon completion of his academia, he worked in the Silicon Valley as a Technical Administrator for several Fortune 500 companies to include; HP, Apple, Adecco, Sun, While pursuing MBA, he was recruited to work for a promising start up company named PcTel. As a Consultant, he assisted the company through their efforts to be listed on the NASDAQ (PCTI). Mr. Robinson joined the SIU division for CNA Insurance, with formal training in their California headquarters in Los Angeles, where he managed cases in the Northern California region. Given his unique experience in the hi-tech sector, he worked as a consultant to MJM as a SIU Manager prior to coming onboard with Optimal Intelligence. At OI he

Criminal Investigations Division:

The Managing Investigator for Optimal Intelligence's Criminal Division holds a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley and an MS in Forensic Science from the University of New Haven. While earning her master's degree, she received instruction from distinguished leaders in the forensics field including criminalist Dr. Henry C Lee and forensic

Computer Forensic Division:

The Managing Investigator for Optimal Intelligence Computer Forensics Division holds a BA in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles, CA. His unique background and experience sets him apart from many of the Computer Forensic Examiners in the industry. With formal training in Israel and assignments in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, his unique ability to solve difficult cases in a timely manner set him apart from many in the CF industry. Working as a

Civil Investigations Division:

Paul Starrett, the Managing Investigator for the Civil Investigations division of Optimal Intelligence, is a licensed private investigator and attorney in California. With over 20 years in the investigations, he has 12 years of experience in corporate security and 4 years in law enforcement. He is a nationally published author in the areas of interview and interrogation, eyewitness evidence, professional investigations and private investigations. His experience and skill bring a robust complement to other divisions of Optimal Intelligence, inc. In addition, Mr. Starrett is the Managing Investigator for the e-Discovery

Business Management Division:

Jim Anderson is a Veteran Law Enforcement Officer. With 20 years of Law Enforcement Experience as a Police Officer, Sheriff, Investigator, Detective, Training Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, School Resource Officer, Police Academy Instructor, Recruit Training Officer, Advanced Law Enforcement Instructor,and Police Academy Scenario Coordinator, Jim has a vast knowledge of several different investigative fields. Jim has not only conducted investigations but has also taught courses at both the Police Academy and Advanced Law Enforcement Fields. Jim retired and then proceeded to take his years of Law Enforcement and Investigative