Licensing faq

Optimal Intelligence is Licensed under the CDCA, with the BSIS with a current and in good standings license number: 27655. The County of Alameda has approved OI as a Licensed and Bonded Process Server for California with Badge number: 1109. All employees either have a minimum of a four year diploma or at least 5 years of Law Enforcement. Many of our Operatives have a very high level Security Clearance through the Federal Government.

Optimal Intelligence, is a licensed, Insured and bonded Investigative firm. It is important to remember that it is a Misdemeanor to "knowingly" hire an Investigator who is not Licensed and can carry a $5,000 fine and 1 year in prison, the same fine is assessed to an unlicensed Investigator. In addition, Public Attorney's can assess an injunction and fine unlicensed activity of $10,000 plus fee's.

Below is a list of FAQ's...

We are aware that hiring an Investigative Firm might be a rare occurrence and you might want to gather more information prior to engaging our firm. Know that we are available to discuss your unique situation with you, in a confidential, professional manner. Whether you are a Fortune 100, a Law Firm or individual, we have performed over 1,300 cases in the past decade and are positioned to navigate you through this process.

Yes, completely private and confidential.

Yes. OI works 100% under the strict guidelines that govern our industry. We are keenly aware of Federal, State and local laws.

Prior to engaging in our services, we will provide a detailed account of what you can expect during your investigation. Our Operatives can be deployed within minutes of the request.

We request a retainer fee prior to engaging in our services. We request full payment to be received within 30 days after receiving our invoice. We can provide a payment method upon request.

We normally meet and exceed the written and verbal expectations of our clients. However, it is not possible to guarantee the outcome of any case.

We utilize an extensive database to accurately locate people, property and assets. We utilize cutting edge technology and traditional investigative techniques.

Please see our "Service Request" page.

Upon verbal or written request, we will commence our efforts within 8 hours of receiving the case. If there is a "Rush" request, we can deploy an Operative within a matter of minutes.

OI is licensed in the states of California and Hawaii.

We are available at the toll free number 24/7. Our office hours are M-F 9-4.

We provide a professional and confidential investigation on every case. Our Operatives are highly trained and utilize the latest technology.

No, we provide our client's with an SSL secured Extranet Portal that will enable you to track your case and communicate your needs online.

We utilize Paypal for our online transactions. "Paypal" is listed as the charge, however please contact Paypal for further verification.